AI-Generated Woman Successfully Tricks Reddit Users Into Paying for Her Nudes


Just recently, some users on Reddit (mostly lonely dudes) were duped into paying for nude photographs by a considerably alluring woman they all thought to be real. But in fact, the gorgeous female that they'd all been sweating over was nothing other than an AI-generated human.

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Calling herself "Cl4ud14" or "Claudia", the account on Reddit went about posting a number of photographs on select mature subreddit forums.

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One was a head shot that revealed her jet-black hair and sharp Slavic-like features, another framed her shapely body from the front wearing a brassiere above a short skirt overlaying garters and stockings, while a third showed her turned away from the camera and posing provocatively in lingerie.

Apparently, these "photos" were enough to send some users reeling over her charm, with several immediately offering her cash money for more explicit content. In other words, they'd pay up if she'd "send nudes".

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One user even asked Claudia out on a date, and boasted that he earned a six-figure salary.

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In any case, this mostly drives home the point about how:

  1. AI-generated images have become incredibly convincing.
  2. Lonely (and horny) people are more than willing to part with money to satisfy their urges.

Unsurprisingly, some other users on these subreddits were sharp enough to catch on, with some of them commenting on how unnatural the photos seemed through their screens.

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But as you'd expect, some of the more desperate Redditors refused to heed the signs, and it all eventually led to Claudia earning around US$100 in exchange for more intimate content before she was called out for being an absolute fake.

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While many praised Claudia for being "gorgeous", "absolutely perfect", and "fit to be a trophy wife", some others demanded that the girl show off her hands — a reasonable demand considering how AI image generators have absolutely struggled to draw human hands accurately.

It's a trap! (Obviously)

As it turned out, Claudia happened to be the creation of two computer science students in an effort to realize their "dream girl". But after bringing her to life, the two students then decided to see just how well Claudia could be used to fool other less eagle-eyed internet users.

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The two revealed that Claudia was created by Stable Diffusion — an AI platform similar to Midjourney that sets itself apart by being able to create wildly realistic and photo-like images.

By simply using text prompts, the duo were able to generate several sensual photos of Claudia, and then combined them with AI-generated text pieces about her sexual fantasies and escapes. These were then uploaded to various subreddit forums, where the concept and imagery of Claudia spread like fire among the more lust-filled users out there.

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Sadly, though, stories like the one of Claudia aren't really novel, and it's been reported that the trend of using AI image generators for pornographic material has become increasingly widespread.

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For example, taking a tour of some of the more smut-filled NSFW subreddits will show you that Stable Diffusion has become quite a heavily-utilized tool in the creation of digital risqué photos with extremely lifelike quality.

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And on a more sickening note, there have also been incidents of some users creating indecent content featuring children (or child-like individuals) and sharing them with other like-minded degenerates.

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While we all know how powerful and useful AI technology can be for work, studying, and creativity, we should also be aware of how such platforms can be used for far less noble purposes, just like mentioned above.