MUST WATCH: Ben Shapiro calls transgender woman a ‘SIR’ on Dr. Drew and GUESTS GO NUTS

This is why Ben Shapiro is my hero. He has the gonads to call a transgender woman (Zoey Tur) a ‘sir’ on national TV while ‘she’ is sitting right next to him, who subsequently threatens to send him home in an ambulance for the ‘insult’ on HLN’s Dr. Drew.
Seriously, I can’t watch this enough. It’s so awesome. And after he says it and is threatened by Zoey Tur (formerly Bob Tur), the guests erupt on the show blaming him for calling ‘her’ a sir. But Shapiro won’t back down and calls it what it is, a mental illness.
Start watching at the 5:00 min mark unless you want to watch the whole clip:

I have to agree with Hotair’s Allahpundit on this one. Zoey Tur’s (formerly Bob Tur) response to threaten Ben Shapiro couldn’t have been more masculine:
Tur’s reply is to grab him by the neck and threaten to knock him into the middle of next week, which is … about as cartoonishly masculine a response to an insult as I can imagine. All that’s missing is a belch for emphasis.
Love it. Shapiro brought out the man in the transgender’s body.