Stocks sink after inflation rose more than expected in January

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Stocks sink after inflation rose more than expected in January
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Ford halts production of electric F-150 because of possible battery issue
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Biden to announce a Boeing and Air India deal worth at least $34 billion
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Eggs are 70% more expensive than they were a year ago
Egg prices are still going up — way up — in the grocery store. Read more »
Inflation was still hot in January, but some prices are cooling off
Inflation surged in January by the most in three months, according to the latest Consumer Price Index, released Tuesday. Read more »
Dow Nasdaq S&P
-156.66   +68.36   -1.16
34,089.27   11,960.15   4,136.13
-0.46%   +0.57%   -0.03%
YTD +2.84%   YTD +14.27%   YTD +7.73%
Biggest Winners
Aptiv PLC +7.37%
Ecolab Inc +7.11%
Zoetis Inc +5.37%
Howmet Aerospace Inc +4.72%
Biggest Losers
Leidos Holdings Inc -5.42%
Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc -4.02%
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. -3.57%
Lumen Technologies Inc -3.20%
Hottest ETF
Hottest ETF
NYSE Market Volume
NYSE Market Volume
Key Market Stats Latest Today's Change
Oil $78.92 -1.22 / -1.52%
Gold $1,865.10 +1.60 / +0.09%
10-yr 3.76% +0.04
Euro $1.07 +0.00 / +0.06%
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