Psaki: NOPE, no concerns on harm to KINDERGARTNERS from long-term masking. NO, Biden doesn’t think parents should have SAY on it.

 There are countless reasons to object to school mask mandates, most of which are based on science, reason, psychology, child development, and so on. But in the two clips below, watch Jen Psaki throw that all out the window.

When Fox’s Peter Doocy asked Biden admin considered this at ALL, whether there we any even slight concerns whatsoever about masking up kindergarteners for extended periods, she said there’s not at all. None.

And she smirked the whole time he was asking her.


Not in the GOP clip is Psaki following up by saying HER kindergartner could “wear a mask all day.”

Oh so it’s fine because YOU are fine with it for YOUR kid, but you don’t care whether parents of other kids can have the same say. And by the way anecdote isn’t information? Aren’t we supposed to listen to EXPERTS and DOCTORS and SCIENTISTS not rising kindergarteners?

In fact, we’re not supposed to listen to parents either, right? Isn’t that what you said to Doocy FIVE SECONDS EARLIER JEN?

Yeah how about that.

He asks if Biden thinks parents should have the power to decide and her answer was NO. She didn’t say the word no, she said that Biden thinks health officials should decide. AS IN NOT PARENTS. And implied they should be GRATEFUL for it. But the very next question is about harm to kids and she cites her own expertise and her child’s.

It is unbelievable that no one holds her to account for any of this.

Maybe they will this, I just emailed a bunch of media websites saying WHAT THE HECK? We’ll see.