At least 14 people were injured after a wild police chase in the Bronx Wednesday when a car slammed into seven other vehicles during rush hour traffic while trying to flee NYPD officers

 A driver in the Bronx injured 14 people trying to get away from the NYPD, smashing into cars and eventually driving on a curb to get around traffic:

I honestly don’t understand why the cops didn’t shoot the driver. Ok well, I do, but seriously, this thug was ramming cars, putting people’s lives in danger and ended up injuring fourteen people in the process of his escape. And then, as you clearly see in the video, he drives on a sidewalk putting more lives in danger. The driver should have been shot while the officers had the chance, but we all know they probably didn’t because of all the rioting and BLM garbage that would have ensued.

Am I wrong here that the officers should have shot the guy? I’d love to know what you think about this.