Latest on global markets and banking crisis

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Latest on global markets and banking crisis
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Fed official: People 'hate' inflation. That trumps bank stress and job loss
The Federal Reserve faced a particularly vexing decision this week: Should it raise interest rates during a bank crisis? Read more »
What the banking crisis means for your job
One of the biggest unknowns since the Federal Reserve started its historic rate-hiking campaign has been how many jobs could be lost from the central bank's deliberate effort to slow down the US economy. Read more »
Americans are going all-in on cash. That could spell more trouble
In the wake of Silicon Valley Bank's collapse and subsequent banking meltdown, cash is king. The turmoil inflicted on financial markets has sent cautious investors running away from volatile markets and toward more liquid alternatives. Read more »
European bank stocks sink as fear returns
Europe's banking stocks tumbled Friday in a sign that investors are still nervous that the recent crises at some banks could spill over into the wider sector. Read more »
Too big for Switzerland? Credit Suisse rescue creates bank twice the size of the economy
The last-minute rescue of Credit Suisse may have prevented the current banking crisis from exploding, but it's a raw deal for Switzerland. Read more »
Dow Nasdaq S&P
+132.28   +36.56   +22.27
32,237.53   11,823.96   3,970.99
+0.41%   +0.31%   +0.56%
YTD -2.74%   YTD +12.97%   YTD +3.42%
Biggest Winners
KeyCorp +5.24%
Crown Castle Inc +4.61%
Boston Properties Inc +4.33%
CMS Energy Corp +4.26%
Biggest Losers
United Rentals Inc -2.98%
Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc -2.83%
Raymond James Financial Inc -2.43%
Lumen Technologies Inc -2.43%
Hottest ETF
Hottest ETF
NYSE Market Volume
NYSE Market Volume
Key Market Stats Latest Today's Change
Oil $69.25 -0.71 / -1.01%
Gold $1,980.20 -15.70 / -0.79%
10-yr 3.38% -0.03
Euro $1.08 -0.01 / -0.69%
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