Has inflation joined Wall Street on vacation?

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Has inflation joined Wall Street on vacation?
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Dow Nasdaq S&P
-58.13   -150.53   -17.59
32,774.41   12,493.93   4,122.47
-0.18%   -1.19%   -0.42%
YTD -9.81%   YTD -20.14%   YTD -13.51%
Biggest Winners
Nielsen Holdings PLC +21.18%
Valero Energy Corp +4.02%
Occidental Petroleum Corp +3.95%
Constellation Brands Inc +3.70%
Biggest Losers
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd -10.57%
Bath & Body Works Inc -5.95%
International Flavors & Fragrances Inc -5.90%
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd -5.62%
Hottest ETF
Hottest ETF
NYSE Market Volume
NYSE Market Volume
Key Market Stats Latest Today's Change
Oil $90.49 -0.27 / -0.30%
Gold $1,810.90 +5.70 / +0.32%
10-yr 2.80% +0.03
Euro $1.02 +0.00 / +0.14%
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