Trang Ánh Nam : “I actually thought this was a parody skit. No, it’s real.”

Trang Ánh Nam tweeted a video this morning about Cori Bush that she says she initially thought was a parody:

The video is of Cori Bush telling CBS that she’s had attempts on her life, so she’s going to hire security no matter how much it costs, even if she ends up spending $200k.

But then she turns right around, in the very same breath, saying we absolutely need to defund the police and put that money into social safety nets.

What a clown show. She’s actually saying her life is so important that she needs security no matter how expensive it is, but when it comes to the average everyday American, who relies on police to keep them safe, well screw them because we have to defund police.

Or put another way, ‘police for me but not for thee’.