President Biden laughs when asked about criticisms from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis: “Governor who?”


Yesterday Biden tried to do a burn with a lame “governor who?” remark. It was totally lame, so of course the idiot lapdog media treated it like the burn of the century.

Well someone asked DeSantis about it at a presser today and his response was … well it’s the burn of the century.

“I guess the question is, what else has he forgotten?” DeSantis remarks. And then he names the things.

DeSantis continued, "Biden has forgotten about the crisis on our southern border I can tell you that. Biden has forgotten about the inflation that’s biting the budget’s of families all throughout our country. Biden has forgotten about the demonstrators who are fighting for freedom down in Cuba. Biden’s even forgotten about the Constitution itself as we saw with what he did with this moratorium."

DeSantis added that he is "the governor who protects parents and their ability to make the right choices for their kids' education" as well as the governor who "answers to the people of Florida not to bureaucrats in Washington."

Earlier this week, Biden told the governor to "get out of the way" and let the federal government battle the coronavirus, which prompted a response from DeSantis, who said he is doing what’s best for Floridians.

"If you're coming after the rights of parents in Florida, I'm standing in your way," DeSantis said. "If you're trying to deny kids a proper in-person education, I'm gonna stand in your way and stand up for the kids in Florida. If you're trying to restrict people and impose mandates and ruin their jobs and livelihood, if you are trying to lock people down, I am standing in your way. I am standing for the people of Florida."