Jesse Watters slams Biden for mixed messaging on COVID: 'The president's confused'

 The real goal of the Biden administration and his far left allies has been obvious for a while now. Everyone in Congress knows it for sure, and most of them are going along, fighting tiny battles to “win” meaningless concessions on ENORMOUS spending and RIDICULOUS restrictions of American freedom so they can keep their small part of power, too.

That goal seems so overt and obvious. Mark Levin talks about it in “American Marxism“. They are dismantling the system put in place by the founders so they can, in the words of the Birthday Bash hypocrite, “fundamentally transform” the United States. They want to create it in their image, not the image of freedom, not the Democratic Republic that the Constitution ensures.

Does that sound like paranoia? Conspiracy? It shouldn’t, it’s all taking place in public view. And members of Congress are going on TV to tell us about it. Tucker Carlson puts it on air every night. President Trump messages the world about it, even though the tech giants try to shut him down. And the fact is, the left talks openly about it, too. They say it at their conferences and in their TED talks, they say it on air on MSNBC and CNN. They say it in schools under the faux-academics of Critical Race Theory. They openly say they are doing this, we see them doing it, they spend billions doing it, and people still act like they aren’t doing it!

JESSE WATTERS: The country's confused about COVID because the president's confused. He doesn't understand the science, and he doesn't know what to do. People are uncertain about the Delta variant, why it's different, if it's deadlier, where cases are going up, and if cases even matter at this point. Do we need a booster shot? No clue. The teachers' unions have been wishy-washy on school reopenings. No one understands why kids are wearing masks – why would we do that? And are masks back in certain counties but not other counties? 

Biden's been no help. He wears masks outside and no masks inside. Makes no sense. And no one trusts Fauci anymore. He's been all over the map on every issue and just looks partisan and deceitful, especially about the lab leak. So are we returning to the office in the fall? Companies are switching up their return to work plans. Are people going to be wearing a mask inside? We don't know. And if COVID is such a threat, why is Biden bussing COVID-positive migrants into Texas and Florida. 

None of this adds up, and Americans are alarmed. Nobody trusts the media to tell them the truth. Media confidence is shot. We've been lied to about everything, so even when we're told the truth, we don't believe it. If we say what we really believe on social media, we get censored. So we feel under attack from our own country. Joe Biden has a messaging problem. He campaigned on ending the pandemic and restarting the economy. The pandemic has ended, and the economy has been restarted, but Biden acts like none of that happened.