Albany Sheriff on CRIMINAL complaint against CUOMO: YES she’s a victim. YES he could be arrested. NO he can’t INTIMIDATE US.

 The Albany Sheriff’s Office held a presser today on the criminal complaint against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, which the sheriff confirmed again is about criminal SEXUAL conduct.

He was asked a lot of questions that prove why local reporters are in every way superior to cable news reporters. One of them was whether this could lead to an arrest, which he said obviously the answer is YES.

And some reporter was like: does calling her a victim imply she was victimized? And the sheriff goes UH, we all saw the AG report. Yeah, she’s a freaking victim.

Another question was about whether he’s worried about Cuomo trying to retaliate or intimidate him. Which the Sheriff was like BRING IT ON, YOU’LL REGRET IT.

McGowan, who has been an outspoken critic of Cuomo since his first accuser Lindsey Boylan came forward, shared her thoughts in a chain of videos posted to her verified Twitter account. The first, she wrote, is a "message for some trash in NY."

"Governor Andrew Cuomo, can't you stop being a prick? Go home!" McGowan said in her first video posted Tuesday.

In two separate audio recordings that followed, McGowan, also known as one of Harvey Weinstein's rape accusers, railed against Cuomo's abuse of power. She informed her followers that Cuomo's scandal is "bigger than just some stupid, gross, local politician in the USA" and referenced Tara Reade, who notoriously accused President Joe Biden of assault, allegations that he denied.

"Ok, it goes up, as we know, to the White House. So you don't believe Tara Reade who accuses you know who in the White House, and you don't believe his accusers. Look, I don't only just care about sexual abuse and sexual assault. That's trash that needs to be dealt with and taken care of because if someone is going to sexually abuse, harass, intimidate, hunt someone they hired that they're hiring because they allegedly respect them then what is he doing to the citizens of his state?" McGowan asked.

McGowan claimed Cuomo's sex harassment scandal is part of a bigger issue.

"It's not a single issue topic. Ok, corruption goes local, it goes horizontal, it goes vertical, it goes from the top, it goes down," she said.

"These war mongers, these harassers, you know, these nursing home monsters and people that know about that will know what I'm talking about. And the rest of you, this is why you should care. I know I'm talking about some local dude – who gives a f--k right? I really don't except for I care about his victims," McGowan continued.

The former "Charmed" actress said she stands behind Cuomo's assault accusers and questions the actions of not only the Democrat still in office but those who helped cover up his alleged crimes.

"I care about the time, the energy, the life, he stole. But I also care about the other lives he's stolen and all of the monsters that protect him," McGowan said, noting she's referring to "PR agencies, assistants, to somebody's got a big desk with a Bible and an eagle on it."

"So like I say, you can care about more than one issue. See the bigger picture. Now, I'm sorry you have to deal with this ugliness. Go have a great day," she concluded.

McGowan's comments come months after Boylan first went public with her claims and several other Cuomo accusers that followed. In an interview with Fox News in February, the actress-turned-activist said she "completely" stands behind Boylan.

"She, none of us, should endure what she endured. If they're doing it to her, what are they doing to constituents? What is he going to do to what he considers the little people? It's monstrous," McGowan said.

In April, McGowan expressed to "" that Democrats are unaware that their platform is supporting cultist thinking.

"I am not here to make people feel bad about their political choices," she told host Tammy Bruce. "But I am here to say that you might be in a cult too if you don’t know the signs. And I do believe Democrats, most especially, are in a deep cult that they really don’t know about and aren’t really aware of."

McGowan said she's since detached herself from political labels. In 2020, the former TV star moved to Mexico. She revealed earlier this year she's officially become a permanent resident of the country.